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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece
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Product Name: Spy Bluetooth Earpiece
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Standard digital covert wireless earpiece for use in a covert surveillance environment.

The Standard Spy Earpiece is a popular and reliable choice to accompany any of the wired inductive neckloops. When paired with an inductive neckloop and a suitable audio source such as an mp3 player or mobile phone the earpiece will output sound direct to the eardrum.

The anatomic design of this earpiece ensures it will fit snugly inside the ear whilst remaining invisible to those around the wearer. The colour will also blend in naturally with the skin.

The earpiece requires just one 337 button battery which will provide 3 to 5 hours of audio.

How does it work?

The earpiece itself as a micro wireless radio frequency (RF) receiver. A neckloop is usually worn along with the earpiece, the neckloop itself is connected to an audio source. The neckloop uses inductive technology to send a signal wirelessly to the earpiece which will then convert the signal into electromagnetic vibrations. In turn the eardrum will convert the electromagnetic vibrations to sound.

Compatibility: The earphone, together with the inductive loop work with mobile telephones, radiotelephones, to enable two-way communication. Size: 5x7x10mm

Accessory List: 1 * Earpiece, 1* Button cell