Spy Bluetooth Eraser Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Eraser Earpiece
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Product Name: Spy Bluetooth Eraser Earpiece
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Bluetooth Eraser for Wireless Spy Earpiece Features of Inductive Bluetooth Eraser Multi-Function key and microphone on the eraser, easy to work Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid Hands-free cell phone communication Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support) Battery life 6 hours talking time or standby 60 hours Build-in rechargeable battery Details Of Spy Bluetooth Eraser Difference between our Bluetooth Pen, Our New Bluetooth Eraser

feature is : The distance between the Eraser to earpiece is much longer than the pen ( pen is about 6cm while new eraser is about 22cm ) The battery time is much longer (Battery life 3 hours talking time or standby 60 hours) Much easier to use, and Hidden The Eraser can use at many places. More popular and suit to all kinds of people.

Transmission range: to earpiece < 25cm, to cellphone < 10 meter (no impedient)< Integrated Microphone: Yes Bluetooth passward is "0000" Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth-equipped phone

How to use the Bluetooth Eraser : Press the functional Key for 3 seconds, the Bluetooth is open, and while the indicator light is still and keep blue, it means the Bluetooth Eraser starts working Open your mobile phone Bluetooth function and search the Bluetooth eraser, when the T9 on your mobile. Choose it, and enter the password “0000”, then Bluetooth eraser indicator shining for 2 times means the mobile pairs with the Bluetooth eraser. When someone calls your pairs mobile phone, press the functional key of the Bluetooth eraser, then you can hear the voice from the earpiece

Spy Bluetooth Eraser
Spy Earpiece
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